At AACF SLO, we do our best to provide various ministries to meet the different needs of the fellowship. Below are the current ministries we are offering. If there's something that you feel our fellowship should consider as a ministry opportunity, please let us know!
Please choose a ministry you would like to learn more about:
Prayer · Large Group · Men's Ministry · Women's Ministry
Welcome · Outreach · Worship · Events
Large Group
Large Group Ministry is an exciting time of worship, teaching, prayer and fellowship. Come every Friday night at 7:30pm to the UU220 and be energized and informed of the things happening in AACF, and make new friends while praising our AWESOME GOD! If you would like to help out with Large Group, talk to the Large Group Coordinator.
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Men's Ministry
Men's Ministry seeks to cultivate quality leaders in Christ within the group of brothers. We hope that the men in AACF will break out of their comfort zones and start to become more bold with each other as well as with those who are not part of AACF. We will plan events that allow the brothers to become closer to each other by discussions, teamwork, and a discipleship program as part of Men's Ministry. Curious about what's happening? Contact the Mens's Ministry Coordinator.
Women's Ministry
Women's Ministry is a great way to get to know our fabulous group of girls! At AACF, the women are all about doing life together: sharing laughs, supporting one another in prayer, and of course having great food. We have fondue nights, sleepovers, and day trips out of town. Every quarter, we have many opportunities to reach the community like cooking meals and visiting community centers! We love helping people, and we'd love to have you join us! Curious about what's happening? Contact the Women's Ministry Coordinator.
Welcome Ministry
The Welcome Ministry is really neat because it is driven to get people involved and engaged in the fellowship. It's very important to have accountability for one another, and that's where Welcome Ministry starts. It is the beginning to the follow-up of newcomers, and old members, while providing an open, comfortable environment for worship. Want to help the Welcome Ministry? Contact the Large Group Coordinator.
Outreach Ministry
The purpose for the Outreach Ministry is to motivate AACF members to interact with the rest of Cal Poly students. Our goal is to get everyone out of their comfort zones to serve alongside our classmates and friends. Throughout the year we will seek to provide as many opportunities as possible that will allow us to give back to the San Luis Obispo community, and share God's love with those we encounter. Through all this, we ultimately want to see all of AACF's members become passionate about sharing God's Word, and having God's love spread like wildfire throughout the campus. Want to get involved? Contact the Outreach Coordinator.
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Worship Ministry
The purpose of Worship Ministry is to utilize our skills in various musical instruments to direct people's attention and praise toward God through music. The people on the stage are not the point of worship, God is, so we want to make sure the mindset, motives, and actions as worship leaders is focused on serving God and not ourselves. With that said, we also like to enjoy the music we play and play to the best of our abilities while learning new songs and techniques from each other. If you are interested in serving on the worship team as an instrumentalist, vocalist, sound tech, or set up/tear down, please contact the Worship Coordinator.
Events Ministry
The goal of AACF's Events Ministry is to plan interactive, yet purposeful events throughout the year—aiming to build stronger bonds within the fellowship. It is also a time to establish new relationships with others amongst the college campus. Events include retreats, banquets, bbq's, bonfires, and so much more! These events occur throughout all three quarters of the school year, so don't worry about missing out on one of them. If you're interested in helping out, contact the Event Coordinator.
Interfellowship Ministry
Interfellowship Ministry is where we as a fellowship get to interact with the other campus ministries in order to further God's kingdom.
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Large Group
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